WUHU’s Collection of files and documentation – includes manuals, hacks, howto’s

Run Wuhu as a service


Heavyweather 2.0 Beta Setup (WS23xx users, Required for WUHU when using Heavyweather).

heavyweather2beta_setup_us.exe – U.S. Version

heavyweather2beta_setup_uk.exe – U.K. Version

Pre-configured audible voice alerts for WUHU. This is an Add-on. Not required.


Sendmail Command line application that allows you to send e-mails. Can be used as a WUHU action. This is an Add-on. Not required.

Wheres James WebCam Publishing Software

Freeware Web Cam publishing software. Not related to WUHU.

AVPSoft Save2FTP

Automatic FTP application that allows you to schedule ftp uploads


Open2300 is a package of software tools that reads (and writes) data from a Lacrosse WS2300/WS2305/WS2310/WS2315 Weather Station. It includes a function library for your own programs and a number of small programs for PHP webpage, Weather Underground and Citizen Weather. Most of Open2300 is written in standard C.


wp_Tweet is a Visual Basic application that WUHU can call to post your weather data to Twitter.

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