An Alerts/Actions button was added to the main screen that will allow you to configure audible alerts as well as execute applications based upon the data received from the weather station.

When you enter the main Alerts/Actions screen, you will see at the top a section labeled ‘Main Action/Alert Configuration’. If you want to disable all actions (programs that are executed), or to disable all audio alerts, uncheck the respective check boxes.

When these functions are enabled, this will allow all enabled-configured actions and alerts to be executed.

When using audible alerts, the duration of the alerts can be configured as either a repetition count or a time interval. Select the appropriate radio button for the duration desired, enter the repetition count or time in seconds within the edit boxes.

A button labeled ‘Alert Tone’ will allow you to specify an audible WAV file that will be played prior to other audible notifications.

When entering or exiting the Alerts/Actions screen

Whenever you enter the Alerts/Actions screen and click Ok to exit the screen, all of the alarms are deactivated. Upon the next update from the station, actions will be executed and audible files played if the conditions permit.