Weather Underground Configuration

If you wish to upload your weather data to Weather Underground, you will need to establish a personal weather station account with Weather Underground. See for signup information.

You will need your latitude and longitude when creating a Weather Underground.

If you do not wish to upload to the Weather Underground servers, leave the Username and Password fields blank. Once you have obtained a personal weather station account, enter the PWS ID and Password on the WUHU main screen.

See Finding your Latitude and Longitude. You will need the decimal forms (Example: Lat: 41.528702, Lon: -084.795649).


The Observation button was added to the main screen that will allow you to upload weather observations to Weather Underground only. The observations are optional and will have no effect on uploading weather data to Weather Underground or CWOP.

To enter a report, simply click the Observation button. There are two sections, one for reporting clouds and the other is for reporting weather phenomena. Select the conditions for each area then click the ‘Create Report’ button. If the ‘Report’ edit box is not blank, that information will be uploaded to Weather Underground.

You may report both cloud layer observations and weather observations simultaneously. You need not report weather phenomena if there is no such condition.

The reports will be uploaded for a period of one hour. After one hour, the report is no longer uploaded. This auto-expiration of the report is done to keep the information timely. Otherwise, if you reported a thunderstorm and did not update the observation, it would remain indefinitely.

Please refrain from uploading any remarks that do not comply with the Metar data specification (use correct terminology).

In the file section of the yahoo group, you can find the Metar data specification.