Citizen’s Weather Observer Program configuration

If you wish to upload your weather data to CWOP, you will need to establish a personal weather station account with CWOP.

See for signup information.

If you do not wish to upload to the CWOP servers, leave the CWOP Weather ID field blank.

Configure WUHU for CWOP

To properly configure WUHU, you must enter your CWOPID (issued by CWOP), your latitude, longitude, and at least one CWOP server.

Passcode Ham operators may enter their Passcode. Obtain passcodes from Russ at or obtain the APRSValidate.exe application. Passcode is only used by Ham operators and can be left blank.

CWOP Servers

You must not leave Server #2 blank if Server #3 is defined. Server #3 will be ignored in this case.

See the CWOP website for new servers that may come online in the future.

Possible Servers:


The configuration is host:port.

To specify the CWOP server on port 14580, you would enter the following:

Latitude and Longitude determination

See Finding your Latitude and Longitude