In this section we will configure WUHU to push weather data to a data collector such as weather underground

Uploading Data…

Once you have entered the appropriate information for the data collectors(below), hit the ‘Start’ button to begin sending data to the servers.

After you exit the program by hitting Ok, your settings will be saved. The next time you execute WUHU you will not be required to hit Start. The program will automatically begin transferring data to the servers.

If you are using a software firewall, you may not be prompted for several minutes to allow WUHU to access the Internet.

After 10-15 minutes, you should verify that WUHU is correctly uploading your data to the weather servers. It appears that CWOP does post your data immediately upon receiving your initial uploads.

If possible, verify your account data.

Note: Weather station data may not be posted by the weather servers immediately. Weather Underground states that they may not make the station data available for the first 24 hours after your account is created and uploads begin.