Tweaks and Fixups

The La Crosse stations can suffer from bad wind speed readings. If you are running wireless, you may see these more often if the reception to the remote thermo is poor. Under the tweak screen, you can specify individual readings to ignore or you can place a maximum cap on the wind readings and ignore the famous 57 MPH bug.

You can now specify a wind speed and wind direction combination to ignore.

You might want to use this if your station were to randomly generate a bogus 57 mph due North reading. This feature allows you to say ignore specifically those readings.

In the under the Reject the Following Wind speed and gust readings as bad edit box where you specify wind speeds, for example:

57.0, 75.0, 114.1


You can then use the @ character to specify a wind direction using this format:

speed@direction -or- @direction


So lets say you want to ignore wind readings of 57 mph when the wind direction is 0, you would do:

57.0@0,75.0, 114.1


If you wanted to ignore all readings from 0 degrees north, regardless of wind speed, you would enter:

@0, 57.0,75.0, 114.1


All directions are + and – .5 degrees from what you specify, if you say 0.0, it means 359.5 to 0.5 (not that it matters on a La Crosse unit).

Removing Bad data from a data collector (like weather underground)

There is no way for WUHU to remove bad readings at the data collectors or other weather servers. This is a manual process and you must contact the provider in question to see how to remove it manually.