For those users that choose not to use Direct Serial Mode, La Crosse uses the Heavyweather application to talk to the weather station console.

Setting up to use WUHU with HeavyWeather

In order to integrate WUHU with Heavyweather, WUHU software requires the use of Heavyweather 2.0 Beta or later that support the export file currdat.lst. WUHU then looks at the currdat.lst that Heavyweather produces and sends the data it collects to the Data Collectors.

Visit the download site and download the latest version of Heavyweather 2.0 Beta release.

Note: It is unclear why Heavyweather 2.0 Beta is a newer version of the software. According to the Heavyweather page, version 2.1 (shipped with unit) should be un-installed before installing version 2.0 Beta. You should add the Heavyweather application to your Startup folder.

After the Install of Heavyweather

Heavyweather must be running at all times in order for it to retrieve the current weather data from your weather station console and produce the currdat.lst that WUHU will process.

Once you have installed and executed the Heavyweather 2.0 Beta software (or later versions that support currdat.lst), you must configure WUHU to use the correct path and filename of Heavyweather’s currdat.lst.

You can configure WUHU to use Heavyweathers currdat.lst file under General Settings. From the drop down list, select “La Crosee Heavy Weather File (currdat.lst)”. Change the input location to point to Heavyweather’s currdat.lst file. By default, it is found in c:\heavyweather\currdat.lst. You must configure the minimum upload period.

A 5 minute (300 seconds) minimum upload period is recommended.