What is “Direct Serial Mode” and how do I set it up?

WUHU can communicate directly with the weather station console or it can take the data from Heavyweather 2.0 Beta. The disadvantage in taking the data from Heavyweather 2.0 Beta is that you have to have both WUHU and Heavyweather 2.0 Beta programs. Heavyweather 2.0 Beta has been known to be a CPU hog and on slower systems it might be necessary to shutdown and use WUHU’s “Direct Serial Mode” feature.

Because WUHU can communicate directly with the weather station console, this eliminates the need for Heavyweather 2.0 Beta. This is known as “Direct Serial Mode.”

Follow your installation guide for your weather system to connect your weather station to a serial port (COM Port).

Once you have your hardware connected, make sure that you do not have Heavyweather 2.0 Beta running.

Note: Make sure you remove Heavyweather 2.0 Beta from the Startup menu so it doesn’t launch when you reboot.

Configuring WUHU for Direct Serial Mode

  1. Stop running Heavyweather 2.0 Beta. If you added a shortcut to Heavyweather 2.0 Beta in your startup folder (so that it runs on boot) remove the shortcut.
  2. At the main WUHU screen hit the Stop button so you can make changes in the General Settings, then click setup.
  3. In the General Settings, in the first combo box, select your weather station type, ie “WS-23XX Direct Serial Access”. To the right of the combo box, select the serial port that the console is connected to.
  4. Press the Start button on the main WUHU screen.

You should then be up and running in direct serial mode.