Stand-alone install

WUHU will run as a stand-alone without uploading data to any data weather collectors. example: Home Automation Systems You simply need not to fill out any of the data collector screens.

Getting started with a data collector

If you want to upload data, you will need to have your logins for one or more of the following data weather collectors before you begin:

IMPORTANT Before you begin… Install a printer

WUHU requires that you have a printer installed before you install the software. WUHU is using a version of Teechart that contains a bug that will cause the program to crash if a default printer is not found.

You don’t have to have a physical printer, you just need the printer drivers for WUHU to function correctly. You can install an HP Laserjet 4; it ships with most operating systems. If this is the case, just install an HP Laserjet 4 printer first before you attempt to install WUHU.

If you already have a printer installed, you are good to go…

IMPORTANT Close down your applications…

When you run the install.exe application it may conflict with other running applications like Outlook or other applications. If you experience a lock-up when running the installer, perform a fresh reboot and terminate other applications (including those in the tray) that might be causing the conflict.

IMPORTANT USB to Serial adapter notice…

Most cheaper USB to Serial adaptors do not support the needed hardware handshaking that is needed to talk to your weather station console.

The first recommendation on connecting your weather station to a computer that uses a real Serial interface.  Either built in, or an add-in card such as ISA, PCI,  Serial interface if possible.

If you can stay far, far away from serial over USB. It’s an ugly kludged protocol that should not be attempted for weather station console access. Numerous issues have been reported.

You can get an old HP laptop on EBay for around $20-40 which has a real serial port!  (almost the cost of a USB to serial adaptor anyways)  Just one suggestion that works: I use an HP nc6230 laptop which works wonderfully for data collection.

Now with that said…

If you absolutely must use USB to serial adaptor, be warned.  Please take the time and research what USB to Serial adaptor to use.

The USB to serial adaptors MUST support hardware handshaking.  (RTS and DRT lines)

If you are using a USB to Serial adapter to interface with the console, beware that there are many manufacturers and in turn software drivers associated with these devices, some are quality products, others are complete junk.  Some of these USB adaptors will even blue screen your machine.

Almost all weather station consoles require that the USB to serial adapters support hardware handshaking (RTS and DTR lines used to create a virtual ground).

First tip is get a known compatible USB to serial adaptor.  Second, update the drivers!  The drivers are what creates the hardware handshaking.

User reported known good working adaptors:

IOGEAR GUC232A USB1.1 to Serial/ PDA Converter Cable adapter available at for about $30.

Sabrent SBT-USC6M adapter – make sure to update drivers.

Computer Hardware requirements

To run WUHU, you need a computer that will run one of the following operating systems:

  • Windows 10*
  • Windows 8*, 8.1*
  • Windows 7*
  • Windows Vista*
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 2003/2000
  • Windows NT 4.0 (Service Pack 3)
  • Windows 98 in Direct Serial Mode only

*Although Windows 10, 8, 7 and Vista has not been tested by the author, it has been reported that users have successfully installed and are running WUHU on Vista. Make sure that the user account that WUHU is running under has full permissions to the c:\program files\wuhu directory. You will also have to give the user account full control to other directories that WUHU needs to write to like c:\heavyweather\ if you are outputting a currdat.lst or template files to a wwwroot directory.

Easiest way to get WUHU to function on Windows 8, 7 machines is right click run the application as administrator.

You must allow ActiveX controls to run under Windows 7 and Vista, that is not the default. Google ‘Vista ActiveX Controls’ for instructions on how to allow ActiveX under Vista.

Memory Requirements

128 MB of RAM 6 MB of Hard drive space to install WUHU and enough space to hold logging data. Usually 10 MB total works fine.

Weather Station Supported Hardware

 Direct serial support

Indirect support via current.lst or csv

La Crosse WS-23xxs and WS-36xxs via Heavyweather Beta 2.0 or Heavyweather Pro. You must download Beta 2.0 from the Heavyweather site. Beta 2.0 is actually newer than the 2.1 version shipped on CD. Honeywell TE923 Virtual Weather Station Software (including Non-Internet versions, all station types, using CSV output) Weather View 32 Software limited support (see author’s newer version for CWOP support) Other additional hardware

Inspeed Vortex support for all station types

Please send an e-mail if you are able to interface with other weather stations or if your hardware is missing from the list so we can update the list.


If your machine is connected to the Internet and will be uploading weather data overnight, a minimum of a free software firewall is highly recommended.

Zone Labs

Free ware firewall from Zone Alarm. It can be downloaded at:

AVG Firewall

Free Version Windows 2003, XP, Vista firewall.

Firewall Ports

Whether you are using a software or hardware based firewall, you will need to configure it to allow WUHU to communicate to these services (if used):


  • Weather underground – on port 80
  • CWOP servers –, CWOP1,,, and if you are using amateur radio callsigns on port 23 TCP (old school), or 14580 TCP
  • AWEKAS uses port 80 TCP
  • HamWeather uses port 80 TCP
  • PWSWeather – on port 80 TCP
  • If you use the FTP feature, it uses port 20,21 TCP


  • None required for WUHU itself.

Many software firewalls will prompt you to allow or deny access. When you are prompted to allow WUHU.exe access, you must hit allow always (or check the remember this setting, then click allow).

Failure to properly configure your firewall will prevent WUHU from uploading to the weather servers. If you are using the Internet links offered on the main WUHU screen, you must set your firewall to allow WUHU to launch other applications.

Please refer to your firewall documentation for further information.

Now Installing WUHU…

Once you have a default printer installed, visit the download page and get the latest version. Unzip the to a temporary directory (example c:\temp) Run the install.exe from the temporary directory (example c:\temp\install.exe)

Follow the installer prompts.

Note: Versions 1.0.4 and later automatically put WUHU in the startup folder so that when you login to windows, it will start WUHU automatically.