Each of the possible alerts/actions can be enabled or disabled. Each alert/action is preceded with a checkbox to enable the individual alert/action. If the box is not checked, actions AND alerts are disabled for that variable. To enable an alert but not an action, enable the alert then do not enter the respective action when you enter the ‘Sound/Alert’ configuration.

Binary alerts (ON or OFF)

Some of the alerts are defined as binary conditions (On or Off) and others allow you to specify a ‘Trigger’ and ‘Reset’.

Storm Alert, Pressure Rising, and Pressure Falling are all considered to be binary conditions; they are either ON or OFF as indicated by data collection.

If an action is associated with one of these alerts, it will be executed only once.

For instance, if Storm Alert is detected, the action will be executed once and the audible will play for the duration specified or until the Storm Alert is turned off. Only when the Storm Alert transitions from OFF to ON will the action be executed again. The same behavior applies to the Pressure Rising and Pressure Falling alerts.