Here is a list of templates to get you up and running fast.

Files listed in the

You can get the examples here:

For more on how to use these files see the section on Performing multiple actions with a action file.

Enable the Write Extended Currentdat Setting found in the WUHU Configuration.ini


List of extended currdat.lst variables available for use in templates.  (you can also look in the currdat.lst for a complete list)

Action files

action.txt example action sequence that WUHU can perform.


csv.txt example csv template for creating custom csv files


currdat_template.txt example XML template for the currdat.lst file

currdat_extended_template.txt example XML template for the extended currdat.lst file

Website pages

daily.txt example website template for daily totals.

hourly.txt example website template for hourly totals.

wxbear_template.txt example website template