To create a website with WUHU you can use the Alerts/Actions function.

Get the Examples

Download the example from here:


1) Create the following directories:

C:\Program Files\WUHU\ActionFile\
C:\Program Files\WUHU\HTML\
C:\Program Files\WUHU\Templates\

2) Extract the action.txt to C:\Program Files\WUHU\ActionFile\ directory.

3) Extract the wx<1-7>.txt files to C:\Program Files\WUHU\Templates\

4) Extract the weather-print.css and weather-screen.css into the HTML directory.

5) Enable the HeavyWeather Currdat.LST output file on the setup screen.

6) Enable write_extended_currentdat_setting

Configure WUHU to use the C:\Program Files\WUHU\ActionFile\action.txt included in the
See: Performing multiple actions using a action file for more information.


After wuhu has processed the action file, the full website will be located in the HTML directory. You can then use the wuhu action file to ftp the html files to your web host.

Live example can be found here: This template was originally designed by the original can be found here.

Other sites using this template: