HOW TO: Configure Weather Underground / HeavyWeather Uploader (WUHU) software with Ambient Virtual Weather Station (VWS) Software

This procedure can be used to install and configure Weather Underground / HeavyWeather Uploader (WUHU) software

To a La Crosse WS-23XX or WS-36XX Professional Weather Station and interface with Ambient Virtual Weather Station (VWS) Software, and/or HeavyWeatherPublisher (HWPub) Software.

This procedure has been developed as a result of problems I encountered using HWPro with my La Crosse WS-3610 and VWS Software. These problems included loss of communications between the console and computer (after about 12-24 hours), a HWPro CPU usage of 99% every 10 seconds (quite the hog), and sporadic (-40deg) posts to the VWS software. After using this procedure with WUHU as the interface to my Weather Station, my communications are solid, CPU usage is 10-20% peak, and the VWS readings are also solid. While this has worked great for me, I do not make any guarantees or accept any responsibility for any problems you may encounter.

If your computer currently has HWPro, HWBeta, HWPublisher, and/or VWS running, close the programs.


Even though I closed HWPro, I found it was still running as a process. I used Task Manager to verify that each of these programs was not running as a process – and suggest you do the same before proceeding. I did not uninstall HWPro and all seems to work fine. You may want to uninstall to avoid conflicts.


Download WUHU software from the following location:

Unzip and install (install.exe) to your hard drive.


I installed WUHU on two different computers, one ran perfect, the other just sat there after I clicked install. There are a couple of programs that could possibly conflict with the install.exe from running (Outlook, ActiveCam, etc). Not a fault with the installer – it’s just a Windows software conflict! It was trial and error for me – closing processes in Task Manager until I found the problem item. Use caution as to what you close – or your system may become non-responsive!

Using Windows Explore or My Computer Navigate to the WUHU folder (mine was C:\Program Files\WUHU).
Copy “WUHU.exe” in the same folder.
Rename “Copy of WUHU.exe” to “heavyweather.exe“.
Launch the new “heavyweather.exe“ in the C:\Program Files\WUHU folder (not the old HWPro or HWBeta).
Click the “STOP” button (upper right).
In the GENERAL SETTINGS area (lower right):
Select WS23XX Direct Serial Access or WS36XX Direct Serial Access and the correct com port
Select “Write currdat.lst….” and CHANGE to C:\Program Files\WUHU\currdat.lst file in the WUHU directory.
Select “Write HeavyWeather Pro Compatible History.dat file” and CHANGE to C:\Program Files\WUHU\History.dat file in the WUHU directory.


If the files are not currently there – no worries. I just wrote them in and it creates them once launched. Pay

attention to case!

If you are uploading to CWOP, AWEKAS, or Wunderground sites follow the links and instructions provided to obtain
accounts and enter the correct login information (not required for WUHU to work with VWS or HWPublisher).


It is not necessary to use the upload to site feature for the interface to work with VWS or HWPublisher.

Click the “START” button (upper right).
Verify that the program starts acquiring data (see the Updates counter and weather data pane). Note that it takes up to 5-minutes to update the site counters if you selected them above. Leave WUHU running for about 5-minutes to create a History.dat file for later on.

If it does not start updating/displaying data – then make sure you selected the correct Com Port. Check
your serial cable, console, etc. The updates indicate that you are communicating with the console (which
is required before proceeding). I only got 1 error (the first read) and as you can see it’s been solid since.


Exit the WUHU program.


The WUHU Application will show as “Weather Underground / HeavyWeather Uploader” in the “Applications“ window of Task Manager ONLY when it is not minimized to the tray, but shows as HeavyWeather.exe ALWAYS in the “Processes“ window of Task Manager.

Launch the Ambient VWS Software.


If you had previously configured your VWS software to run from HWPro/HWBeta it will automatically launch the WUHU software.

Open the Communication Menu.

Select La Crosse WS23XX or WS36XX as required
Select “Launch HeavyWeather“.
Select “Heavy Weather Directory Location and CHANGE to C:\Program Files\WUHU.
Select “Heavy Weather History File Location” and CHANGE to C:\Program Files\WUHU\History.dat.

The History.dat file should be there if you left WUHU running for about 5-minutes

Close the window but do not restart VWS at this time if you are prompted.

Exit the VWS program (if it was not already closed when you closed the window)

Exit the WUHU program if open.

Launch the VWS program and verify:
WUHU automatically launches and starts acquiring weather data from your station.
VWS launches and populates with weather data from the WUHU history file.
No errors are displayed.
If not correct – you most likely did not wait for the history file to create. Give it some time to write the file before
you go back checking things out.
This step is important! When you installed WUHU, it placed a program call in the startup menu. When VWS opens,
it launches the renamed HeavyWeather.exe copy of WUHU. When you reboot your computer, it will start two
instances of WUHU, one connects to your station, one will give you a communication error (as only one can connect
to the station at a time). It took me a while to find this one as they will sit right on top of each other. As you know
removing things from a startup menu can be a pain. I have found that CCleaner is a great tool not only for removing
files and checking for issues, but also for registry and startup maintenance. Its freeware from . Select tools, then STARTUP, and delete the WUHU Software entry.
19. Launch the HWPublisher Software.
20. Select the OPTIONS menu:
a. Set “weather data filename“ to the C:\Program Files\WUHU\currdat.lst file in the WUHU directory.
b. Close the window and verify that the data in the pane updates.

If you use the “Start on Power Up” options in all these programs as I do, reboot your computer and verify:

WUHU automatically launches and starts acquiring weather data from your station .
VWS launches and populates with weather data from the WUHU history file (I run mine minimized so I just check my website).

HWPublisher (if used) launches and starts acquiring weather data from your station.
No errors are displayed.

I sure hope this works as well for you as it has for me. This setup seems to work great – and with one less CPU hog of a
program (HWPro)! My special thanks to WUHU Software for all his help and in developing a wonderful software product.
73 to all my Amateur Radio friends, and best wishes to all my weather friends.

Original Article was from:
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