Modification for WS-23XX remote thermo to achieve 8 second wireless updates

This describes how to modify a Lacrosse WS2300 Weather station to transmit data every 8 seconds or so. Normally, data is sent on an intermittent basis. This can be anywhere from 32 seconds to up to 10 minutes.

Personal weather stations upload weather data to web sites such as Weather Underground.

This modification allows you to obtain transmission intervals of 8 seconds (6 seconds in this case) with the WIRELESS connection. To do this, we fake the emitter into believing it is connected to the station through the cable.


  • This has not been extensively tested. This is a hack. This hack is being provided AS IS as an informational article only. Any modifications will VOID your warranty and may damage your device.
  • This has been confirmed to work as written by 1 member (Flagbuff). Two other members from the Discuss tab have been able to make this mod work. This obviously worked for the original author as well. Proceed at your own risk, sign the Discussion if you get it to work.

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